Germany: Stabbing at Turkish Wedding Ceremony

On the night to Sunday it came at a Turkish wedding celebration in the civic hall in Ettlingenweier to an attempted homicide. The hall is used for cultural events and also for Turkish weddings. According to the state of knowledge of the criminal police to date, there were disputes between two groups of men shortly after 01.00 a.m. on the adjacent parking lot of the wedding celebration location. A previously unknown perpetrator allegedly stabbed the victim’s upper body three times with a knife. The victim then went back unaided to the main entrance of the hall, where he collapsed due to his injuries. Meanwhile the attacker fled. The 32-year-old came to a hospital in Karlsruhe with stab wounds to his upper body. At no time was there any danger to his life. The search for the attacker is difficult, as there are no concrete indications of the perpetrator yet. At present it is assumed that the perpetrator and the victim knew each other and that the crime was preceded by a conflict that had already lasted for some time.

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