Germany: Afghan ties up and rapes young woman

Because he allegedly raped a female colleague last Saturday afternoon, a 28-year-old Afghan has been in custody since the weekend. The criminal investigation is being conducted by the Traunstein police. Late Saturday afternoon, a young woman filed a personal complaint with the police station in Prien am Chiemsee. According to her statements, she had met with the Afghan in his apartment in a small community in the district on early Saturday afternoon to discuss joint activities for Saturday evening. During the conversation, the man is said to have suddenly laid down on her and sexually harassed her against her clear will.However, the suspect did not let go of her, tied her up and raped her under threats. After the crime, the young woman left the man’s apartment, contacted a confidant, and finally filed a complaint with the police. Police officers from Traunstein arrested the 28-year-old Afghan citizen shortly afterwards. He was brought before the investigating judge yesterday, Sunday, at the request of the Traunstein public prosecutor’s office. After issuing an arrest warrant, the man was remanded in custody in a prison.

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