Germany: Gang rape by refugees from North Africa

According to tabloid BILD, a terrible gang rape by ” non-Germans ” in Düsseldorf was cleared up three months after the crime by police and public prosecutor’s office.The serial offenders known to the police are between 15 and 17 years old.A woman (51 years old) from Wuppertal was lured to the Hofgarten at Whitsun 2019 after a visit to the old town, where she was raped and robbed. Now the police have arrested four youths ( non-Germans) as suspects, the police announced at a press conference on Thursday. The victim had left a disco that night from June 7th to 8th due to malaise and wanted to go to a public toilet. She was addressed by a young girl who acted as a decoy. The just 14-year-old accomplice had offered the woman her aid and led her to the nearby courtyard garden to “get some fresh air”.There the girl had called the three other youths who were already lurking for prey. The North African group had then pushed their Taharrush victim into the park and finally ” cruelly raped “The victim’s handbag and mobile phone were also stolen.The woman from Wuppertal fled from the refugees to a nearby hotel on the street Inselstraße, asked for help and asked the staff to call the police, who had the traumatised woman admitted to a Düsseldorf hospital.
“All four, regardless of their age, are in custody,” said prosecutor Britta Zur at Thursday’s press conference: “Investigations into serious rape, robbery and assault are ongoing.” The question “whether the crime was planned by the youths” is to be clarified (BILD).
By whom else – by the victim of the crime perhaps?

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