Germany: An African threatens policemen with broken glass bottles and halts the road traffic

At Hauskamp street in Mülheim district of Styrum, a concerned citizen called the police yesterday morning at 10:15 am. He reported that an aggressive man with his upper body exposed was walking across the lanes of Hauskamp street.On Friedrich-Ebert Street, the police spotted the man who spoke English and was also aggressive towards the police. The police managed to calm the 41-year-old immigrant from Nigeria, as later investigated. The police suspected a mental disorder and ordered an ambulance to the deployment site. When the paramedics arrived, his behaviour changed by leaps and bounds. Already running to the junction at the street Sandstraße, the man reported in the Essen district of Kettwig broke two glass bottles and tried to stab the policemen.For the security of the emergency forces and uninvolved citizens, the policemen secured the situation with drawn firearms. At the same time, they tried to regulate public transport (public transport, vehicles and pedestrians), as the man continued to walk towards the downtown area of Mülheim.Before the highly violent and confused man could get into the more crowded downtown area with schools, homes and pedestrian areas, he was ultimatively ordered to disarm. Without the broken bottle necks he had laid on the ground, the man massively resisted his arrest. He could finally be overwhelmed using the baton as well. Policemen accompanied the paramedics, who drove the apparently ill man into a hospital ward.  Specialists and the informed public order office now look after the man. The officers confiscated the mobile phone of a passer-by who presumably recorded the operation. The recordings will now be checked and possibly used to preserve evidence in later criminal proceedings.

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