German: Afghan insults and spits at employees of German Railway Ltd. and federal policemen

In the night from Friday to Saturday an aggressive man took the suburban train line 19 to Cologne main station. When he spotted employees of the German Railway he insulted them and behaved extremely violently. As the incident escalated, the Federal Police was called in to aid and arrested the offender at Cologne Central Station. After midnight, a 23-year-old in the Cologne district of Lövenich boarded the suburban train in the direction of Cologne Central Station. As soon as the train entered the station, the man kicked against the train and behaved violently. When he spotted the employees of the German railway company, he started his insults.Calming words had no effect. He approached the employees and attacked them. He spat at the men and continued to insult them. Thereupon the Cologne Federal Police was called upon to assist, and they arrested the attacker at Cologne Central Station. The 23-year-old Afghan also behaved violently and in an aggressive and uncooperative manner towards the federal police. He spat at the officers and insulted them as well. A voluntary breath alcohol test showed a value of 1.64 per mille. The man now has to answer for bodily injury and insult.

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