Germany: Rape of a young girl by two Arabic-looking men – mug shot

POL-E: Essen/Oberhausen/Mülheim: 
Öffentliche Fahndung nach einem bislang unbekannten Sexualstraftäter-Foto- Beschuldigte nutzten die offensichtlich falschen Vornamen "Yassin und Ricardo"

Two years ago, on the 19th of October 2017, a sexual offence was allegedly committed against a young girl in the Essen district of Ostviertel. Two young men, who introduced themselves with the false first names Yassin and Ricardo, have since been in the focus of the investigating criminal police and the public prosecutor’s office in Essen. With an apparently tuned black 5 Series BMW, to which an Oberhausen license plate was attached, the men drove across several cities in the Ruhr area. In Essen district Katernberg the later victim got into the men’s car on the evening before. Together the group drove to a Shisha Bar in Oberhausen, later in the night to a parking lot at the “Steeler Wasserturm” in Essen district Huttrop and finally to a car shop (around 4 am) in the street Lysegang in the Ostviertel, where the sexual offence is said to have occurred.The two Arab-looking men could have a German-Lebanese migration background. Long investigations led the criminal investigation department to one of the accused. His false first name “Ricardo” could now be replaced by his real personal details.  Some mobile phone users could also be identified in connection with the crime, but their names did not match those registered by the telephone companies. A photo of the second suspect, “Yassin”, who presumably also gave a false name, has also been investigated. This photo is now used to determine the true identity of the unknown “Yassin”.According to the investigations, the as yet unknown accused was also frequently on the road in the Essen district of Katernberg, but also in the Essen district of Huttrop and in Oberhausen and Mülheim. The Essen police ask for information, which might lead to the identification of the unknown sex offender by calling 0201-8290.

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