African Refugee Takes Baby Hostage in Wismar, Germany

Germany has been facing a major influx of migrants and asylum seekers from the Middle East ever since Chancellor Angela Merkel announced an “open doors” policy in 2015. Some politicians and activists argue that it has resulted in a spike in the number of crimes in the country. Police forces have managed to resolve the hostage situation in the German city of Wismar at the local Foreigners’ Authority, where a refugee from Africa, allegedly of Ghanaian origin, had been holding an infant hostage for around five hours. A special ops unit has freed the infant and detained the man. According to the latest information, the infant could be the man’s own child, which he is using as a means to exert pressure on the authorities to let him stay in Germany. The man is reported to be unarmed. The police have cordoned off the building and are currently conducting negotiations with the man. All employees at the Foreigners’ Authority office have left the building, according to the head of local administration, Kerstin Weiss. The infant’s state is being monitored by a doctor at all times, as his alleged parent is trying to convince authorities to conduct a parenthood test that would essentially save him from being expelled from Germany.—report/

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