Austria: Syrians threaten a victim of migrant violence in hospital – The victim and his family now went into hiding

After a knife attack on a 38-year-old bouncer in Vienna’s Neustadt district, a dangerous incident occurred at the state hospital. Some male relatives of the Syrian (21 years old), who was arrested for attempting murder and confessed, visited the victim of the attack in the hospital’s emergency department unannounced and against his will. “My client, of course, was afraid. He left the hospital against the recommendation of the doctors and went into hiding with his family,” says Wolfgang Blaschitz, the lawyer for the victim.Markus H. had been seriously injured by a stab in the neck on Sunday in the early morning hours in front of the “Café Premiere” in the Viennese district of Neustadt after he had thrown a 21-year-old drunken Syrian out of the pub.The violent man had previously beaten a woman.According to media reports, the suspected asylum seeker has since confessed the blood crime to the investigators. The suspect also stated that he had thrown away the jackknife he had used while fleeing.The murder weapon was found and seized. According to Blaschitz, the “surprise visit” of the men to the hospital also caused discomfort on the ward. According to the lawyer, the hospital management even called the police.

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