Tyrol: Special Police Commission for Islamic Perpetrators of Violence Demanded

“Dramatically”, so describes national party chairman Markus Abwerzger the increase with violent offences using stab weapons. “We have imported violence from Islamic countries, now it has become public what has long been concealed,” said the Tyrolean Freedom Party (FPÖ) chairman. Abwerzger locates a long-term strategy of the government in order not to worry the citizens: “What has not been successful, because the numerous incidents prove the failure of integration measures and left-wing integration policy.Meanwhile the FPÖ city councillor and municipal party chairman of Innsbruck, Rudi Federspiel, has called for a police special commission for Islamic perpetrators of violence:
” I fear that it may in fact already be too late”: admonishes Federspiel. He also recalls the demand for a curfew for male asylum seekers at night. “One must not wait passively until more crimes of violence are committed.”


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