Germany: Brawl between two Iraqi families at school enrolment ceremony, deployment of 18 police car crews, one female police officer slightly injured by stabbing with a knife

Yesterday, Friday morning, the first graders of a primary school in Heidelberg’s Emmertsgrund district celebrated their enrolment. Many of the parents, relatives, acquaintances and children present were not only to celebrate the special day of their children’s enrolment, but also to witness how Arabs can behave “civilized” among themselves. As part of the celebrations, around 11.40 a.m., numerous parents were on the forecourt of the school, while first-graders and other school classes were in their classrooms. When a 35-year-old German-Iraqi child’s father joined the celebrations, there was a verbal argument between him and the 26-year-old German-Iraqi child’s mother, who lived separately from him. When a 33-year-old relative of the child’s mother interfered in the dispute, the 35-year-old is said to have physically tackled him.The police were alerted, a police car crew arrived a short time later. While the officers clarified the facts, suddenly further family members of both parties joined. Five male persons attacked the 35-year-old despite the presence of the police and beat and kicked him. After the 35-year-old had gone down, a 37-year-old man in particular kicked the head of the man lying on the ground. A policewoman rushed in and tried to pull the 35-year-old man away from his attackers.The 35-year-old stabbed the policewoman in the thigh with a small knife.The policewoman suffered a lacerated stab wound. The female officer then had to be driven to a hospital in an ambulance. She was slightly injured, but was unable to continue her work. Relatives of the child’s father and mother clashed in the further process, so that altogether 18 police car crews from the area were called in.The police used pepper spray and had to use physical force against the persons during the temporary arrests. Some people who were not directly involved were sent off.A total of three men were temporarily arrested and released after all police measures had been completed. For the following week, the school management was offered appropriate care for their schoolchildren by specially trained officers from the Heidelberg-Süd police station. The Emmertsgrund police station is now investigating, among other things, bodily harm, dangerous bodily harm and assault against police officers.

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