Germany: Refugee aid worker murdered – a Moroccan is the prime suspect

Carefully, firefighters uncover roof tiles to retrieve a gruesome finding. Under the roof, squeezed into a shed under the sloping roof, lies the body of a woman. She was murdered, the newspaper BILD reports.On August 27, relatives had reported the tenant (61 y.o) of the penthouse missing.Last week the police searched the apartment in Hanover’s Ahlem district for the first time, but found only the woman’s starved cat there.Wednesday at 3.30 p.m. then the second search. Immediately after opening the door, the officers were struck by a biting smell of decay. Smells of decay were emanating from the roof of the building where the investigators discovered the body. It is not yet clear whether it really is the missing person.In order not to cover up any traces, the fire brigade recovered the dead using a turntable ladder. She was taken to forensic medicine. The Homicide Unit ” Roof ” follows a first trace: The missing woman is said to have given German language courses for refugees on a voluntary basis.According to newspaper BILD, a 32-year-old man from Morocco is the prime suspect in the investigation. So far the police did not want to comment on possible suspects.

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