WATCH: An African without a valid residence permit attacks two women at a railway station for no reason

Terrible violent incidents occurred on Monday in Lecco in northern Italy. A 24-year-old migrant from Togo has attacked two women at the station of the city for no apparent reason by pushing them from the stairs of the underpass and then suddenly punching another woman in the face – who then bled. The brutal crime was recorded by a surveillance camera at the Lecco railway station and has since triggered heated discussions in which several politicians have already taken part.The migrant who is staying in Italy without a valid residence permit has now been arrested. The President of the Criminal Court, Enrico Massimo Manzi, ordered an interrogation of the African on the 20th of September and, in the meantime, put him under house arrest. According to current knowledge, the migrant lives with his mother and sister in Lecco.

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