Germany: African man bites 5-year-old girl into the cheek

At the tram stop in front of Berlin’s main train station ( Mitte ) he picked up a five-year-old child and bit him on the cheek. Now Daniel K. (20 years old) has to face the Berlin Regional Court. “The tooth marks were on my daughter’s cheek for two days,” says mother Aileen D. (40 years old) who testified. The bite-attack took place on 15 March 2019 at 04.55 pm.”We had arrived by train from Nuremberg, just three minutes in Berlin,” the mother continued.”I was waiting with my two daughters for the M10 tram. The man approached us smiling, took the little one in his arm. I had the feeling that he thought she was just cute and cuddly. I thought that lifting her up might be a cultural custom for him. It looked as if he wanted to kiss her. But she cried, he bit.”This is not the first time that the Eritrean man has randomly attacked strangers on the street. A month earlier, Anastasia S. (26 years old) had an eerie encounter with the man on the street  Marchlewskistraße in the Berlin district Friedrichshain.”I went to work in the morning, he asked for a cigarette,” said the Zalando manager. “When I said I didn’t have cigarettes, he threw stones between my legs and followed me.In Warschauer Street he had lifted and thrown a heavy concrete block. “He could have really hurt someone with it,” the witness said. Daniel K. was indeed arrested for the time being. But he was released immediately.He was only remanded in custody in March after the bite-attack at the main station. He has been in hospital for two months. He is said not to be guilty of a mental illness.
The public prosecutor’s office is striving for his permanent accommodation in a psychiatric hospital.

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