Germany: “We’re fed up” – Political leftist bar expels asylum seekers

There were massive problems with asylum seekers in a bar in Augsburg this weekend. “We are sick and tired of it! It’s no fun anymore with us. I am speechless. The boys are resistant to advice, highly aggressive and no longer bearable for us”, the landlady of the left-wing trendy pub “Kreuzweise” posted in a meanwhile deleted Facebook article.Tatjana Dogan’s bar is supposed to be a place where everyone is welcome – no matter what gender, age, skin colour or dress style, the landlady declares to the newspaper “Augsburger Allgemeine”. That could change now, because on Saturday the police had to move in.According to the “Kreuzweise” landlady, the trouble was caused by a group of about 25 African asylum seekers.The men manifested themselves unpleasantly several times in her pub, not only because of theft, but also because of harassment of women and aggressive behaviour.When the bar closed on the weekend and nothing was served anymore, the trouble had really started. After they had left the bar, several of them were standing outside with glass bottles in their hands. This was reported by the police.A 23-year-old smashed the bottom of his bottle on a house wall and threatened with the broken bottle. According to police reports, the 23-year-old did not release the bottle until the police threatened to use firearms. But he still punched one of the people involved – 19 years old – in the face with his fist.According to police, all those involved were men from Gambia who live in an accommodation for asylum seekers in Donauwörth. For the time being, they will not be allowed to enter the Augsburg bar.According to the newspaper, in recent weeks there have been more and more large groups of African asylum seekers in the streets who wanted to visit bars and clubs. There were frequent discussions with bouncers because most of the pubs did not allow larger groups of refugees in.

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