Germany: 22-year-old woman raped by two dark-skinned men

Presumably victim of a rape became a 22 year old woman in the night to the last Sunday about 02:00 a.m. in the street Eisenbahnstraße in the area of the catholic parish church St. Jodok in Ravensburg.The victim had first walked with a friend and two other unknown young women in the town area on in the direction towards the railway station while leaving Marienplatz square.   The considerably drunk victim was alone for a short time in the area of the parish church St. Jodok because she had to powder her nose.The accompanying women went on without her. When the 22-year-old continued on her way to the railway station, she said she had met a man in the street  Eisenbahnstraße who, using her alcoholic influence, had dragged her into a house entrance and raped her. According to the victim, a second, additional suspect participated in the sexual offence. The two perpetrators had let go of the woman when her girlfriend had returned and searched for her, whereupon the victim had managed to escape. After the 22-year-old woman received medical treatment on Sunday afternoon, the gynaecologist in charge made sure that the criminal investigation department was informed.

The victim described the two suspects as follows:

1st offender: Age mid-20, about 170 cm tall, dark-skinned with striking blond dreadlocks with a length of about eight to ten centimeters on top of the head. On the sides, this suspect had shorn his black hair.

2nd offender: Age mid-20, about 185 cm tall, black-skinned and black-haired, wearing jeans and a white shirt.

The criminal investigation department in Ravensburg has taken over the investigation and asks persons who can provide relevant information on the course of events or on the suspects described to call 0751 803-4444.
The request for witnesses is addressed in particular to the two unknown young women who met the victim and her girlfriend at Marienplatz square and accompanied them towards the railway station.

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