Germany: Kosovo-Albanian threatens his 14-year-old daughter with a knife to force his ex-wife to a get-together

This Thursday morning, officers of a special task force in Lage in the district of Lippe temporarily arrested a father who, according to previous findings, threatened his daughter in his vehicle with a knife and slightly injured her by a blow. Around 7.20 a.m., the Bielefeld police received information from the Lippe police that a father was threatening his child with a knife and at the same time was trying to contact the mother of the child, who was separated from him, and to force her to meet him. Since the whereabouts of the man and the situation were initially unclear, the Bielefeld Police Headquarters, supported by the Lippe Police, took over the investigation.As part of the police search, special police units were able to identify the 34-year-old father from Tauberbischofsheim and his 14-year-old daughter in Lage at about 8.25 a.m. in a parking lot. The man of Kosovar descent was temporarily arrested. According to previous investigations, the daughter had been slightly injured in the face by a blow from her father. She was taken to hospital for treatment. The 34-year-old’s car was seized. Investigations into the background to the crime and the search for the knife are continuing.

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