Germany: Islamist tried to shoot judge – He doesn’t accept anyone insulting his religion

After just a few seconds there is a first scandal in the large courtroom of the Augsburg Criminal Court. The defendant spits in the direction of the journalists who take pictures of him. Shortly afterwards, when the judges enter the hall, Haidar A., 26 years old, refuses to stand up. He wrangles with judicial officers and policemen. When the situation calms down again, the presiding judge Sandra Mayer orders the defendant to wear a thin spit hood over his head during the trial. It is supposed to prevent him from spitting around. The trial at the Regional Court in Augsburg started yesterday, Tuesday, under increased security measures anyway. Haidar A., who claims to be a Palestinian, allegedly tried to murder several judges and a prosecutor during a trial. The prosecution accuses the man, who also attracted attention because of his Islamist statements, of six counts of attempted murder.It is about an incident in the summer of 2017, when the Syrian was on trial in Augsburg for trying to behead a roommate in an accommodation for asylum seekers in Hurlach (Landsberg district). He had rammed a knife down the roommate’s throat. The stab was twelve centimeters deep, the victim survived only thanks to a quick emergency surgery. During the verdict on this crime – he was sentenced to almost 13 years in prison for attempted murder – Haidar A. tried to grab a policeman’s pistol. There was a wrangling, but in the end several officials could overpower and tie him up. Haidar A. had previously also thrown a shoe at the prosecutor and spat several times in the direction of the judges.Haidar A. admits without hesitation that he wanted to grab the policeman’s weapon and shoot the prosecutor and the judges using the weapon. He just did not succeed. “I would have started with the prosecutor,” he said in court on Tuesday. He felt he had been treated unfairly by the judiciary. He defends himself for the knife attack on his roommate in the accommodation. The roommate had repeatedly insulted Islam. This was the only reason why he attacked him and stabbed him with a knife. He doesn’t accept anyone insulting his religion, says Haidar A. “That pisses me off.” The presiding judge wants to know whether he will continue to become violent if someone insults his religion. He only answers: “Not immediately.” When he is asked whether he is an Islamist, he says: “I am proud to be a Muslim”. He also says that although he does not hate German society, he hates the German police and judiciary. The defendant stated in an interrogation with the police that he had fled Syria because of the civil war. During his flight, he was also temporarily accommodated and well treated by the terrorist organization “Islamic State”, so he could not say anything bad about the IS. As a Palestinian, he also sympathized with the Hamas organization classified as a terrorist group.He admits that he has experience in dealing with weapons. But he did not know the police officer’s service pistol, a P7 from Heckler & Koch. He didn’t expect it anyway, says Haidar A., that he could succeed in taking the gun and firing it.Loaded, however, was the pistol, with eight rounds of ammunition. The 55-year-old policeman reports as a witness in court that he noticed that the defendant had grabbed his belt. However, he did not succeed in pulling the weapon out of the secured holster. In order for such an incident not to happen again in the current trial, the 26-year-old has to sit in the dock tied to his hands and feet this time. In addition, a glass pane separates the defendant from the bench.A detective who spoke to Haidar A. in prison for a long time says the situation during the interrogation was very strange. The defendant openly talked about his hatred of the German state – and showed no remorse. At the same time, however, he was friendly and courteous during the conversation.The trial will continue in about two weeks.

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