WATCH: Iraqis want to show power, but Germans resist

Again and again migrants attempt to demonstrate to the Germans that they are the new masters of the country. While they are already succeeding in many places, they have recently met with bitter resistance from a German family in Saxony-Anhalt!This happened on the 1st of September 2019 in the district Althaldensleben: Iraqi children kept ringing the doorbell of their neighbours in the surrounding area. One of the boys was caught by a German family and confronted. According to the police, the child was pulled by the ear and hair. The Iraqi child then ran to his parents to tell them about it. The boy’s entire family went angrily to the apartment of the Germans. One of them armed himself with a telescopic baton. During the ensuing conflict, the German succeeded in taking the baton from the Iraqi and striking with it.The German is now under investigation for dangerous bodily harm, the 18-year-old Iraqi baton owner is under investigation for violation of the weapons law and attempted assault.Characteristic of multiculturalism is also the statement of a migrant: “I fuck your country”.

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