Israeli referee defamed as a “Jewish sow” by fans of the German football club Eintracht Frankfurt, which is inciting against the AfD party

Eintracht Frankfurt-Fan Markus Eichmann is dismayed: During the return match of his Eintracht against Racing Strasbourg on Thursday evening, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) local politician heard in the football stadium how angry Eintracht supporters called referee Orel Grinfeld a ” Jewish sow” towards the end of the half-time break.”I was sitting in the 14B section, not far from the coach’s bench. When the referee from Israel came back on the pitch, some idiots started to chant it, and then the whole bend was yelling,” Eichmann said.”A few people also started behind me. I turned around and said to them: “Stop that nonsense”. And shortly after that it stopped then.”Eichmann told the newspaper Jüdische Allgemeine that there had been no reaction whatsoever from the police forces or other responsible persons to do anything about the insults. He was disappointed by the fans of his team.Shortly before the break, the Israeli referee had sent off Eintracht player Ante Rebić, who had previously scored 1-0 for Frankfurt. The decision was controversial. Rebić had run towards Strasbourg goalkeeper Sels and had touched him.. Afterwards there were commotion on the pitch and Grinfeld pulled out the red card.Already when the players left the pitch at the end of the first half, there were tumultuous incidents according to newspaper BILD reports. Referee Grinfeld was thrown from the audience with cups and was booed.

The executive committee of Eintracht Frankfurt has rejected the membership applications of the Hessian AfD state spokesmen Robert Lambrou and Klaus Herrmann. On Friday, the club confirmed a corresponding announcement by the AfD, but did not want to comment on it. Lambrou criticized the rejection of the membership as a “despondent decision” and called the refusal of a personal conversation with Eintracht President Peter Fischer as “cowardly”.In an interview with the newspaper F.A.Z., Fischer had clearly opposed the AfD and said that there was no room for members of the right-wing populist party in the association.

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