Germany: Presumed Turk addresses little girls (8,11,9 y/o) partly with sexual intent

After three girls (8,11,9 y/o) have been addressed in a suspicious manner since Monday evening in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg, the police are asking for hints from the population. The three girls were each on their own when a man is said to have attracted their attention in different ways. According to the information provided by the girls, the attempts to contact them varied from merely waving to them to pursuing them and addressing them with sexual intentions. Each of the three girls had been able to flee from the man, but felt very frightened by the encounter with him.All girls immediately reported the incidents to their parents, who then informed the police. In no case, however, did the immediately initiated manhunt lead to the suspect man being found.The investigators of the Sex Crimes Department do not currently rule out the possibility that the same man may have been involved in all cases. This man was described by the girls as a rather obese middle-aged man who may be of Turkish origin and possibly bald with a crown of hair. In two cases he is said to have been on foot, in one case in a black limousine.Witnesses who have made observations about the incidents described or who can provide a clue as to the man’s identity are requested to report to the police information telephone by calling 040/4286-56789 or to any police station.

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