Brawl at Iraqi engagement party in Hanover, Germany: one officer was attacked and injured during police operation

On Thursday evening, the police deployed a large number of officers to a rampant Iraqi engagement party in Hanover. At 11.09 p.m. a brawl had been reported at the Bomond event centre on Badenstedter Street (Linden-Mitte district).According to initial estimates, about 150 to 200 people were involved in the brawl. In front of the building, the police officers faced about 100 people, some of whom were very upset. In the course of the first interrogations it could be determined that there had been a brawl between several persons during the festivities. In this regard, the police are investigating for dangerous and simple bodily injury. During the interrogation, the 33-year-old guest ran towards the 40-year-old police officer and tried to knock him over.  The policeman was able to prevent this with the help of a colleague and then to arrest the guest. The attacker scratched the 40-year-old officer in the face and slightly injured him. Only when other police car patrols arrived at Badenstedter Street the situation could be reassured. Now the 33-year-old has to answer for assault and battery.

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