Germany: Afghan fare dodger insults and beats train attendant

Yesterday, Tuesday, a 39-year-old train attendant called the police and informed the federal police in Magdeburg about a man without a ticket who had also insulted and beaten her. The victim was travelling in an suburban train on the Schönebeck – Magdeburg line and wanted to check the man’s ticket at around 11.50 a.m. He could not produce a ticket, but a large repertoire of abusive language and insults, which he addressed to the train attendant. But that’s not all: The man hit the train attendant’s hand, which then swelled up a lot. After the arrival of the train at Magdeburg main station, a patrol of the Federal Police detained the Afghan and brought him to the office for further investigation. The man is facing charges of fare evasion, insult and bodily injury. The train attendant was in severe pain due to the blow inflicted by the man. She had to break off her service and consult a doctor. It was noteworthy that other travellers had witnessed the man’s criminal actions and subsequently also reported to the Federal Police as witnesses.

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