Germany: Syrian harasses and suffocates 17-year-old girl

Yesterday, Sunday, around 3:45 a.m., a railway security employee informed the federal police station at Halle’s main station about a physical confrontation on platform 8/9 between a man and two young girls aged 13 and 17. Thus the 20-year-old harassed the older girl of both and demanded alcohol from her. The 17-year-old refused and asked him to leave her alone. He reacted aggressively, punched her in the face and suffocated her on the neck. As she fought back, he punched her in the lower abdomen. The 13-year-old girl attempted to help her older sister, receiving a slap in the face from the attacker. The railway safety staff rushed in and separated the people from each other. The requested patrol of the Federal Police brought the 20-year-old and the girls to the station of the Federal Police. A breath alcohol test carried out on the man showed a value of 0.88 per mille. After consultation with the mother of the girls, they were placed on the next train in the direction of their home address. After the police action had been completed, the 20-year-old Syrian citizen could leave the office again. He is being charged with bodily harm.

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