Germany: Gang rape of 16-year-old girl by three Iraqis

Until Wednesday, a particularly serious case of gang rape was tried before the regional court in camera. A 16-year-old Syrian woman and three Iraqis (20, 21, 26 y.o) are said to have planned revenge on a Syrian girlfriend of the same age after a quarrel between the two had broken out.The Syrian Nada lured the unsuspecting ex-girlfriend into the apartment of a 53-year-old Egyptian according to the tabloid Bild. There she was raped by the three Iraqis one after the other for several hours.Nada had been sent to Germany at the end of 2014 by the well-off parents as an underage asylum seeker, the plan worked out as planned – the parents followed their daughter. The verdict for Nada: four years in prison. Mustafa K. (20 y.o) arrived in Norway in 2015, then in Germany in 2016. He received four years and eight months imprisonment. Hussein H. (21 y.o), who came to Germany alone in 2015 and whose asylum application had been rejected, was imprisoned for five years and six months. Ahmed Al-M. (26 y.o), whose child, born in 2017, lives in a home due to neglect, immigrated to Germany in 2015 – he had been sentenced to six years and four months.The Syrian Nada, who insidiously lured the victim into the trap, suffered a nervous breakdown during the sentence. For minutes she screamed sobbing for her mother. She and the three Iraqis were convicted of collective particularly severe rape, although the men denied the crime. One testified that he had been playing table tennis the whole time and “hadn’t noticed”, the other referred to ” drug-related fmental blackout” and the third said that sex had been willingly practiced by the victim. The Egyptian, in whose home the heinous crime took place, was not condemned because there was insufficient evidence against him. The public prosecutor’s office had demanded two years and ten months imprisonment for him. However, he was able to leave the courtroom as a free man.The convicts have one week to appeal. The judge stressed that Nada’s parents could also challenge the verdict because of her daughter’s age.

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