Germany: Witnesses prevented rape by an Afghan

Two men prevented a rape in Weimar on Saturday night around 03.00 am. They had responded to loud cries for help from a 57-year-old woman who had been sexually harassed by a 28-year-old (Afghan) on the corner of the streets Henßstraße/Thomas-Müntzer-Straße in Südstadt. Already before the suspect had harassed the woman in a pub and touched her, which she rejected. When she left, he followed her. Shortly after, he tore her to the ground behind a power distribution box.This was observed from the car by a passing witness. Another witness became aware of the situation because of the woman’s cries for help. The two men overpowered the suspect, brought him to the ground and fixed him until the police arrived. An alcohol test showed that the 28-year-old had a blood alcohol level of 2.1 per mille. The victim suffered minor injuries. The criminal investigation department immediately started the investigation. In this context, further witness information is requested both about the crime itself and about the visit to the restaurant only a short distance away ( by calling Weimar CID 3643-882-0). The police express their gratitude to the two young men who, with their resolute intervention, prevented greater damage to the victim and made it possible that the accused could be punished.

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