Germany: Sexual assault by North African looking man

A previously unknown man apparently sexually assaulted a 26-year-old woman in Rosensteinpark in Stuttgart late last Sunday evening. The man met the woman at Rothebühlplatz square and accompanied her to Rosensteinpark. There he apparently started to get pushy around 11.30 pm. Despite the woman’s resistance, he pulled down his trousers, lay down on the woman and grabbed her in the genital area. A witness heard the woman’s cries for help, approached the scene of the crime and addressed the perpetrator. Frightened, the perpetrator fled to the area of the northern station.  The woman describes the man as slightly smaller than 170 centimeters, about 30 years old with very short, curly, dark hair with secret hairline corners and of slender, slim stature. The man is said to have been dark-skinned and of North African appearance, to have spoken broken German and to have introduced himself as a “Sami”. He was dressed in a light T-shirt with a skull and crossbones with lettering, jeans and sneakers. Further witnesses, who can give information about the facts or the suspect, are requested to report to the officers of the criminal investigation department by calling +4971189905778.

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