Germany: African man accused of raping nine-year-old girl

Since yesterday, a 27-year-old from Niger has had to answer to the youth protection chamber of the District Court of Dessau-Rosslau. He is accused of raping a nine-year-old girl at the beginning of June. On the 9th of June the little girl was on her way with her teddy bear in her arms around 11 am on the Elbe meadows in Roßlau. The 27-year-old Kader N. sat on a bench, watched the child and decided, according to prosecutor Julia Legner, to sexually abuse the girl. He had followed her with his bicycle and had spoken to her at a staircase to the Elbe with the words “Beautiful baby, beautiful baby”. The little one replied: “This is a teddy bear”, when the African, 1 meter 70 tall, tore her clothes off and raped her.The little girl screamed for help and tried to defend herself by kicking and scratching. But her rapist apparently had no compassion: Kader N. strangled his victim, closed her mouth and nose and put a finger in her mouth, the newspaper Volksstimme reported.When passing passers-by became aware of what was happening, the African Kader N. grabbed his backpack and fled with his bike. Two men took the pursuit and detained him until the police arrived.The so-called tolerated refugee refuses to testify in court. As a result, the little girl now has to describe the course of the crime in court. During her interrogation, Marco Bennewitz, a lawyer representing the joint plaintiff, requested that the public be excluded: “She has been suffering from a cleaning compulsion since the crime and cannot enter public rooms. When she sees men with dark skin in the street, she hides behind the backs of adults. She has great fears,” Bennewitz described the current state of the 9-year-olds. He wants her to be heard audiovisually so that she doesn’t have to be in the courtroom and meet her rapist again.

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