Austria: Mohammed does not have to go to prison although he pushed his victim in front of the subway – his victim had to undergo a foot amputation

Horrible crimes done along railway tracks have drastically reduced the safety feeling of public transport passengers. As reported, an Iraqi (20 years old) is said to have pushed a warehouse worker (35 years old) in front of the subway U3 at Vienna’s Western railway station on May the 8th. But at the latest since the deadly attack on an eight-year-old boy at Frankfurt main station ( Germany ), it is also noticeable in Vienna that those who are waiting are as far away from the tracks as possible. After each of the two criminal cases, the suspects stated in interrogations that they had heard voices. For this reason, Mohammed Y. is likely to avoid a life sentence. A psychiatrist now came to the conclusion that the Iraqi was suffering from a “mental and spiritual abnormality of a higher degree”. The public prosecutor’s office in Vienna does not prosecute him for murder because of his schizophrenia on September the 2nd. Because he was not sane at the time of the crime, he was to be sent to an asylum. “I felt persecuted and mocked by people with sunglasses and headphones,” Mohammed Y. testified. And that was exactly the tragedy of Zdravko I: “He had his headphones in his ear and wore sunglasses. I thought these people would hear me crying at home. I felt provoked by his sniffing with his nose. When the subway entered, I suddenly exploded. I had to do it …” ” Zdravko I. had to undergo a foot amputation at the hospital. He is currently on rehabilitation. What does he want? “I am happy to have survived. The perpetrator should receive his just punishment – just as I was punished.” However, the perpetrator says: “I feel better now. I see no more people with sunglasses.

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