Taharrush in Dortmund, Germany: ” Group of Mediterraneaners ” sexually harasses 21-year-olds

The Dortmund police have been investigating a case of sexual harassment since last Saturday. According to the report, a 21-year-old woman from Hamburg who was visiting Dortmund was approached and harassed by a group of young men. According to her first statements, she was on her way home from Hansemannpark on the night of Saturday around 1 am.Near the bus stop “Ammerstraße” or at the intersection of the streets Ammerstraße and Wodanstraße, she had been molested and groped by a group of about five young men. When an older man with a dog (dachshund or similar) passed by, she managed to escape from this threatening situation.When she arrived at her parents’ home, she described what had happened so that they called the police. The young woman described the suspects as five men with a Mediterranean phenotype  (in other words Arabs or Turks)- and as follows: 16-23 years old, slim, taller, broken German speaking and partly English, dressed in jeans, T-shirts, one in a blue and one in a grey jogging jacket. One is said to have had a scar over his left eye, one a wart on his eye and a gold chain around his neck and another one dressed in white sneakers. One of the men is said to have been called “Harat”. The young woman did not make any further statements. The investigation is ongoing. A detailed interrogation of the alleged victim, who is no longer in Dortmund, is still pending. The Dortmund police are looking for witnesses who can provide information about the incident or the persons described. Especially the man with the dog could give valuable information on the facts of the case. The Dortmund Police Criminal Investigation Department will take the information by calling 0231 – 132 7441.


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