Leftist terror in Germany continues: Antifa devastates Italian restaurant

Antifa Leipzig continues its terror unchallenged – and boasts about it on the web: it openly confessed to an acid attack on an Italian restaurant in Leipzig and the devastation of its inventory on Monday; it was the same left-wing radical circle of perpetrators who had then demolished the car of an AfD candidate for state parliament on Wednesday.In a letter of confession classified by the Leipzig police as authentic, which was published on the left scene portal “indymedia.org”, Antifa states: “On the night of July 29, 2019 we smashed the windows at the AfD meeting point ‘Ristorante Farfalla’ in Delitzscher Street 54 in Leipzig and covered the restaurant’s premises with butyric acid.The owner of the restaurant ran 2014 as a city council candidate for the AfD for the election and makes his restaurant still available  for meetings of this party (…) Like all good fascists he knows how to connect the political with the financial well.”
As usual, left-wing terrorist, clearly fascist actions such as these lead neither to a media echo nor to any adequate political reactions, which thereby signal tacit approval of such acts. If rightists were to brag about such crimes on the web, Germany would be in a state of emergency.
Antifa, meanwhile, not only feels secure, but hopes for further imitators and a far-reaching impact of its criminal “measures”. This she writes openly: “We hope for a ruinous and deterrent effect of our actions on the fascists”, it states on ” indymedia.org” cynically.


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