Germany: Passer-by had no cigarettes for him, therefore the African stabbed him

Early Monday morning, the police forces were called to Herforder Street in Bad Oeynhausen. There was a man who had presumably been injured by a knife thrust. The police are therefore looking for witnesses.When the officers arrived at a bank branch, they met an injured 38-year-old man. An attentive witness had previously informed the police department after finding the injured man. Before that, the man from Bad Oeynhausen had been addressed by another man around midnight. The latter asked for a cigarette. When the victim denied having a cigarette, the unknown person pulled out a knife according to initial investigation results, injured the 38-year-old and fled to the Kurpark. The ambulance took him to the hospital in Bad Oeynhausen, where he left after outpatient treatment.Since the immediately initiated local area search was unsuccessful, the investigators ask for clues. The wanted person is described with a size of 165 cm with a slender figure, dark shoulder-length curly hair, a dark hooded jacket and dark trousers. The victim was addressed by the perpetrator in German language. From his appearance he could be of African descent.
Please inform the Minden-Lübbecke police about the perpetrator by calling (0571) 88660.

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