Germany: Dark-skinned man tries to rape 89-year-old woman

An 89-year-old woman had to suffer a traumatic experience on the last Friday afternoon in the Kneipp street in Eppingen. A stranger wanted to commit an offence against her and, according to the police, perform sexual acts. But the woman defended herself and finally managed to make the perpetrator run away. Around 5.25 p.m., the elderly woman was busy watering the flowers in her garden. Through the closed garden gate, a stranger offered her help watering the flowers. At the moment when the victim wanted to go back to her house, the stranger jumped over the garden gate and cut off her path. Then the suspect pushed the woman into the stairwell and grabbed a handbag lying there. The woman defended herself and snatched his handbag from him. When she asked the stranger to leave the house, the stranger grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her into the adjoining living room, where he brought the elderly woman to the ground to perform sexual acts. The woman fought back as hard as she could and activated the social alarm unit.When someone answered the intercom, the perpetrator took flight. The unknown is said to be 40-50 years old, 180-185 centimeters tall, dark-skinned but not black, and have dark hair.In the neck hair area, the suspect is said to have a striking streak of grey hair. He was dressed in long brown trousers and a grey sweater with a shirt. The suspect also wore glasses. The Heilbronn criminal investigation department asks: Who can give clues to the unknown? Who has seen such a person in the Kneipp street area? Clues can be obtained by calling 07131/104 4444.

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