Germany: Attempt to commit murder – Six Afghans arrested

On the 13th of July a group of several people attacked a young man on the Kolping street in Rheine and injured him life-threateningly with blows, kicks and stabs. “Immediately after the crime 4 accused persons had been arrested, in 3 cases a judge ordered the detention on remand”, explained Chief Public Prosecutor Stefan Lechtape  in Münster yesterday,”After successful investigations and searches, two further suspects have now been arrested.” “A wanted 19-year-old Afghan from Rheine could be arrested in the police station there on last Monday “, Thomas Götze, head of the homicide commission, summarized today. “We successfully completed our search for an 18-year-old Afghan last Tuesday with the arrest in Lengerich.” At the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Münster, the arrested were brought before the magistrate. “For both accused persons a judge approved the prosecution’s request and issued an arrest warrant for attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm,” the senior prosecutor continued. The two men are in remand. “On the basis of clues, we have received some clues for clarifying the facts of the crime,” added the chief detective. “The Homicide Commission is investigating these indications and is now concentrating on clarifying the still unclear background to the crime.

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