Germany: Muslim father beats son over cross necklace which the latter wore in the context of a theater performance of his school

Pic: Screenshot

The performances The 3 Musketeers of the Musical-Company of the Lise-Meitner High School (“LMG”) in Grenzach-Wyhlen  almost ended. Reason: the Muslim father of one of the leading actors had noticed at the premiere that his son in the role of Cardinal Richelieus wears a cross around his Muslim neck. The school reacted “de-escalating” and promised the father, who had gone mad, the performance of the son without wearing a cross at his neck. He agreed after being assured by the school that all photos showing his son wearing a cross would be removed or program pages glued together. The musical director apologized for hurting the affected family.As witnesses unanimously report, the father of the Richelieus actor appeared at the “after-show party” of the premiere event of the musical company of the Lise Meitner High School (LMG) dragged his son into the car, yelled at him and hit him in the face.Musical director Thomas Vogt was completely shocked, reports the newspaper Oberbadische-Zeitung. According to Vogt, the teacher was able to “de-escalate” the father after the Muslim was promised that his son would not wear a cross around his neck during the three upcoming performances. Also the demand to remove all photos showing his son with cross was submissively accepted. Because the musical star’s father threatened to check the observance of his conditions – which the hard-hitting Muslim then also did – the musical team not only submissively removed all pictures showing the Muslim son wearing the cross . They even went so far as to glue a double page together in all the remaining booklets because the young man could be seen on a photo showing the Christian symbol.Teacher and musical director Thomas Vogt also stressed to the newspaper that this was a “compromise” in a positive sense, as the performance of the musical was part of the school project “Music for Peace”.

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