Germany: Again! Immigrant spits on mother with child and pushes her onto the railway tracks

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, a 25-year-old woman from Bergisch Gladbach and a 17-year-old immigrant had a first verbal and then physical argument at the Refrath train station of line 1 on Wickenpfädchen Street. As a result of the dispute, the young man is said to have pressed the woman onto the railway tracks. The victim suffered minor injuries and filed a criminal complaint. Around 04:15 p.m. two youths smoked a joint at the KVB stop Refrath. When a 25-year-old woman with her baby carriage passed the young men, she asked them to refrain from smoking weed so as not to harm her two-year-old daughter. The accused is said to have spat on the woman and blown smoke into the toddler’s face. There was a scuffle in which the 17-year-old allegedly dragged the young mother onto the tracks so that she fell into the track bed behind the train.Two KVB employees finally detained the accused; the other youth fled to the Wickenpfädchen street in the direction of the Bensberg stop. The accused in turn claimed that the woman had attacked him and that he had fallen to the ground. Thereupon he wanted to tackle the woman as well and was held on the shoulder by a KVB employee. While trying to break free, he turned and the victim accidentally fell into the track bed.The investigations are continuing; video evaluations should now bring clarity about the exact course of events.

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