“Dirty Dozen”: 12 Oriental men sexually harass young German woman in the street

Once again, a German woman failed to keep the “arm-length distance” demanded by politicians. In Ravensburg, no less than 12 men – probably Arabs in language and appearance – surrounded a young female cyclist and groped her.An almost everyday situation from the most diverse Germany of all times: At lunchtime, a group of 12 dark-haired men confronted the 19-year-old cyclist on a cycle path near the train station at the Ravensburg vocational training centre “Adolf Aich”, as the police announced on Wednesday according to the Internet portal “Tag24”. The woman wanted to avoid them, but was prevented and stopped by the oriental men between the ages of 20 and 25. As a result, some of the men forcibly detained her, while others from the group “indecently touched” her, as the police report describes the obvious attempt at abuse with shame. The young woman panicked and managed to break free and escape by bicycle. The police started the investigation. 


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