Dangerous Islamists employed as security personnel in German Premier League soccer stadiums

Two security forces who worked for the national league soccer clubs SC Paderborn and Werder Bremen are said to have had contacts with violent Islamists. According to radio station WDR, they were working for a Paderborn security company in soccer stadiums. The two Chechen brothers had posted photos of themselves in the soccer stadiums of the national league on an Instagram account. The men apparently already had contact with Islamist circles when they were young. According to the Herford Watch Dog with the name ” extrem dagegen “,which observes these groups, the security guards were already years ago involved together with their father in Koran distribution campaigns. Photos show the family with potential attackers, who later went into hiding and left the country. Islam M., one of today’s security guards, was sentenced to arrest in 2015 for showing sympathy for the attack on the Paris satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which killed 13 people. His brother Shamil M. was also conspicuous at the time. In an Internet chat he was asked: “What is a beautiful day for you? He answered: “Allahu akbar” and placed three bomb symbols behind it. How do men from such circles get into a stadium as security forces? This enquiry by broadcaster WDR has prompted the SC Paderborn to “…investigate the facts in detail”. The newcomer to the national league also informed the police immediately. The same goes for Werder Bremen. The club, however, points out that the Bremen security company had received the two employees from a subcontractor in Paderborn. Despite several inquiries, this company has not yet issued a statement. Meanwhile also the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Bielefeld is informed, but for data protection reasons does not give any information.The police union was alarmed in an interview with WDR. Deputy Federal Chairman Michael Mertens was shocked that such people were guarding large stadiums: “With the findings now available, there is definitely a security risk. That must not happen. The clubs and the German Football League must also react in their own interest. That’s quite necessary.” 


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