German diplomat for Palestine liked antisemitic and neo-Nazi/KKK tweets

The director of the German Representative Office in the Palestinian territories, Christian Clages, was revealed on Thursday to have liked scores of antisemitic Tweets while using his government Twitter feed. Germany’s best selling paper Bild broke the story and showed screenshots of the Tweets on its website, stating the diplomat liked a large number of “antisemitic and anti-Israel” tweets. Bild wrote that Clages wrote with admiration about “a video praising a two-minute mob attack on Israeli soldiers with the words ‘Hats off!.”’ Bild revealed a second Tweet from Clages that read, “An article that compares the work of the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem with the historical account of ‘totalitarian states’ was described by him as a ‘must-read.”’ Clages previously served the German ambassador to Lebanon. The German Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to a Jerusalem Post press query as to whether Clages will be dismissed. The Bild noted that “Even an exchange between the leading US neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier David Duke and a Palestinian follower about an alleged Jewish massacre, the diplomat liked with a heart: ‘Jewish racists’ would have ‘mutilated innocent Palestinians, raped and led through Jewish villages before they were executed,’ claims US Nazi Duke (formerly head of the racist Ku Klux Klan) in his tweet. He received a linguistic hint from the Palestinian user: ‘* Zionists.’’Clages was apparently enthusiastic about the answer and liked it.
Bild wrote that “ The fact that the tweet by Neo-nazi Duke, however, misses any historical basis and disseminates the most crudely antisemitic narrative, did not seem to bother the diplomat.”
Bild reported that “An activist who asks spitefully on the occasion of the first Israeli moon mission, when Israel will occupy the moon, gets a ‘Like’ of Clages. Likewise, a user who claims, without a claim, that Israel only ‘respects its own religious holidays” receives a like from Clages.”
Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Jerusalem office, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that “If Germany hopes to play a constructive role in bringing Middle East peace, this is hardly the way to do it, to assign a diplomat who is obviously an antisemite and is adding fuel to the fire. Instead of having a person on the ground to explain antisemitism, he [Clages] encourages antisemitic thinking and theories.” Germany’s Foreign Ministry has been embroiled in a series of alleged antisemitism and pro-Iranian regime scandals on the watch of its Social Democratic Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Niels Annen, the Social Democratic undersecretary, celebrated Iran’s regime in February at Tehran’s embassy in Berlin. Annen also opposes a full ban of the terrorist entity and members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — a US and EU designated terrorist organization.
The Post asked Maas if he plans to sack Annen. Maas has said he went into politics “because of Auschwitz.” Maas seeks to circumvent US sanctions against Iran’s regime to enable German and European business with Iran’s clerical regime. The US classifies Iran as the leading international state sponsor of terrorism.

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