Germany: A Tunisian rams a knife into a woman’s head and stabs three further women

Last Saturday morning a Tunisian is said to have brutally stabbed four women – among them allegedly a mother and her daughter – with a knife. One of his victims was in mortal danger. Despite the prolongation of the immigration stop for immigrants, the town of Salzgitter does not come to rest.
It has now become known that on Saturday morning there was a knife attack next to a Shisha bar in Salzgitter, which ended almost fatally. After a verbal battle with his separated wife, a 41-year-old Tunisian is said to have taken a knife from a car. Then he randomly stabbed his ex-wife and three other women. This was confirmed by the Salzgitter police and the public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig at the request of the newspaper SZ.According to the newspaper, the alleged perpetrator is said to have stopped the attack because his knife in the head of one of the women broke off. The public prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig did not want to confirm or deny this information. Subsequently, the 41-year-old fled and surrendered to the police immediately after the crime. Since then he has remained silent about the accusations. The injured women were taken to various hospitals. The woman whose head the knife was stuck in was operated on. According to the police, she is now out of danger. On Sunday, the Salzgitter Local Court issued a remand warrant against the 41-year-old accused. The public prosecutor’s office accuses him of attempted manslaughter. Further investigations are ongoing. The public prosecutor’s office did not want to comment on the question of whether the suspect had already committed crimes before.

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