Germany: About 10 Arabic-speaking men beat up a passer-by for no reason

Last Saturday evening about ten attackers injured a young man on the street corner Ostwall / Hansa street in Krefeld. When the young man passed the group at around 11 pm, one of the men spoke to him in Arabic. Even before the 24-year-old could answer, another man suddenly hit him in the face. Shortly thereafter, others in the group also struck him. A short time later they moved away on foot in different directions.During the attack, the victim suffered cuts to his face, so he had to be taken to hospital. There are still no clues to the motive. The police are looking for witnesses. One of the attackers was slim and had short dark hair. Another offender was tall, bald, with a beard and a sporty top. Please give your hints by calling 02151 6340 or by e-mail to:

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