Turkish African quartet tortures elderly German woman to death

Three Turks and one Nigerian stand trial at the Osnabrück Regional Court since Wednesday. The four are said to have kidnapped the 75-year-old pensioner Ursula U., tortured her bestially and murdered her horribly.The “suspects from Cologne” are said to have cruelly murdered 75-year-old Ursula U. in December 2018. On Wednesday the quartet had to answer before the regional court of Osnabrück. According to the newspaper Bild-Zeitung, the victim from Melle wanted to buy a forged driver’s license from one of the men. When Ursula U. could not pay the demanded sum, the men are said to have killed her.The victim suffered a terrible martyrdom. In a specially rented apartment the perpetrators attacked the old lady at noon. She was brutally tortured for hours. Forensic doctors later discovered injuries all over her body, including tongue fractures, rib fractures, head injuries, laryngeal crushing, according to the Bild newspaper. Finally, the 75-year-old was anaesthetised and driven in a rented car to Hasbergen (near Osnabrück), where after further abuse her throat was slit with a broken bottle. She bled to death. Then the murderers looted two of her victim’s accounts with stolen EC cards and blackmailed pin numbers. Two perpetrators were identified on pictures taken by surveillance cameras.The defendants – it’s Ramazan B. (43 y.o), Enoma E. (25 y.o), Mert N. (24 y.o) and Kahraman P. (35 y.o) – are accused of participation in extortionate robbery, particularly serious robbery and attempted particularly serious extortionate robbery.In the trial the Nigerian Enoma E. heavily burdened the three men with a Turkish migration background. Ramazan B., who made the first contact with the victim, did not testify in court, refused to give more details about himself and behaved restlessly. When he was admonished by the judge, the 43-year-old said: “Excuse me, but I have my head in the hangman’s noose,” reported broadcaster RTL. 


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