The rape jihad is now also on holiday in Mallorca: 4 Turkish-born men rape German woman on holiday

Further details have become known about the rape of an 18-year-old German woman in Cala Rajada and the arrest of four suspects at the airport. Two of the men arrested on Thursday morning are said to have coerced their victim into their hotel room in Esperanza Street with brute force, as the newspaper Ultima Hora reported on Friday with reference to the criminal complaint that the young woman had filed with the Guardia Civil. According to the tabloid “Bild-Zeitung” it was the hotel “Club Cala Ratjada”. One of the two main suspects is said to have brutally held the holidaymaker by her arms, while a second raped her.When the young woman managed to escape from the room, she reported the crime to the reception. Around 5.45 a.m., a patrol of the local police of Capdepera arrived and the 18-year-old arrived crying. The law enforcement officers found several bruises on her neck and arms. Meanwhile, one of the four suspects has been released and the three others are still being held by the Guardia Civil. They deny the rape. More is also known about the arrest at the airport: The police could identify the suspects on Thursday morning on the basis of a photo. The suspects boarded a bus at 4:20 in Cala Rajada. Later, the four men did not walk as a group across the hand luggage checkpoint, but individually on different passenger treadmills. The investigators had mingled with the security guards and then jumped on the wanted. According to reports in the Spanish media, the investigators are said to be German citizens of Turkish origin. According to the “Bild” newspaper, they come from Frankfurt/Main.

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