Germany: Pakistani refugee stabs his girlfriend ten times

The 28-year-old refugee Naveed A. is charged with attempted manslaughter. According to the tabloid Bild, he stabbed his girlfriend Karin C (54 y/o) ten times with a knife six months ago in Waldhufen (Saxony). “He is an alcoholic, I threw him out,” the tabloid Bild reports in reference to the pensioner’s statement to the judge.  The accused had returned in the evening – she had tried to take away the keys to the appartment from him: “He went berserk,” says Karin C. The neighbour can hurry to the woman’s aid. Naveed A. lets go of his victim – the severely injured woman is undergoing emergency surgery. The two met while shopping – “everything started out so nicely – he was carrying the shopping bags. When I had a knee surgery a little later, he ran the household for me, we shared the table and bed. The Pakistani confessed and cried when his ex-girlfriend testified.

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