A Swiss refugee aid worker from Amnesty International is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a minor

Time and again, cases are reported in Europe in which helpers of NGOs have sexual relations with refugees. A case in Lausanne is currently being heard in court.According to a report in the 20 Minutes newspaper, a 60-year-old Swiss citizen is accused of having had sexual contact with a minor in his care. The refugee helper from Amnesty International is said to have had a sexual relationship with the then adolescent boy as early as 2008.The reporters also confronted Amnesty with the allegations. The organization denied, however, that they knew about it and pointed out that the man had not worked for Amnesty for a long time. There were also rules to prevent such behaviour.This is yet again another incident. One case that caused a great stir was that of the female refugee aid workers in the “jungle of Calais”, the infamous refugee camp in the north of France. From there, many African and Asian migrants try to make their way to Great Britain. The Internet portal Breitbart reported at that time about the incidents in which older European women had mostly kept young, often allegedly underage migrants as sexual partners.In many countries, including Germany, it is the rule that as soon as a marriage takes place between a foreign citizen and one with, for example, the German citizenship, the foreign spouse receives the unlimited residence permit. 


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