Germany: Life imprisonment for a Turk after a deadly knife attack

About one and a half years after a deadly knife attack in Frankenthal, the regional court has sentenced a  26-year-old man to life imprisonment for murder. On Monday, the judges considered it proven that the accused had stabbed his opponent several times in front of the public swimming pool Ostparkbad in January 2018 and seriously injured him. Despite several emergency surgeries, the victim died five days later in a clinic. After the verdict was pronounced, there were tumultuous scenes in the district court.The judges assumed that the crime had been planned for a long time. At the end of 2017, the Turkish-born defendant wrote in a chat regarding his victim – a boxer -: “You will no longer call him a boxer, but a sieve. According to the court, the murder was the result of an incident in downtown Mannheim. In February 2015, two rival groups had fought a brawl along the market square of Quadratestadt. They beat and stabbed each other, and shots were fired. The defendant and a second man were stabbed. The Mannheim Regional Court later sentenced five active or former members of the rocker-like boxing club ” The Ottomans “.The 26-year-old assumed that his later victim had planned or initiated the attack in Mannheim. “The accused was angry and frustrated, felt betrayed, hurt in his reputation and honor,” said Judge Hütt. “Retribution had become the life content of the accused.After the decision, there were riots in the stairwell of the district court. Relatives of the victim and the defendant yelled at each other and insulted each other loudly. Only judicial officers and several police officers were able to separate the two groups. Already on earlier days of the trial there had been some harsh insults in the courtroom.Among other things, the trial took place under strict safety precautions because of the connection to the 2018 banned boxing club ” Ottomans “. Spectators and journalists were searched and scanned at the entrance to the court. The trial began in October 2018 and was originally scheduled to end in spring. In March, however, the chairman of the chamber fell ill. After a break of ten weeks, the main trial was continued with a substitute judge at the beginning of June.

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