Man of Arab descent stabs German father of four to death

During a dispute at the bus stop Grünberger Street in Siegen, an Arab male youth named Fadi A. stabbed a 47-year-old family man with a knife several times in the upper part of his body last Thursday at 5.30 p.m. in Siegen. The knife victim died in the hospital in the evening due to his severe injuries. Michael B., leaves behind a wife and four children aged ten to 19. “We assume that the son of the murdered person and the suspect know each other”, a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Siegen explained on request. The 15-year-old murderer with Lebanese roots was born in Siegen and lives in the neighborhood on Kolleriger Street. Even before the crime was committed, there were repeated verbal arguments between the perpetrator and the victim’s family, including on Thursday, when the father courageously tried to come to the help of his son.Between the “teenager” and the 47-year-old there had been an escalating quarrel with family members of Michael B. at the Fischbacher Berg area on Thursday. Suddenly the 15-year-old “Lebanese” pulled a knife and stabbed the family father. The victim did not survive the brutal attack, the stab wounds were too intense. Policemen arrested the young man, who had fled after the attack, shortly afterwards. On Friday the “teenager” was brought before a magistrate: “The act is considered a homicide,” the prosecutor emphasized.So far, neither the police nor the public prosecutor’s office have provided any further information on a possible motive or further background.

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