Germany: African “fare dodger” attacks federal police, threatens them, tries to bite- injures a policewoman – “I know your faces, I’ll kill you, you’ll die.”

Today, Monday, around 08:10 am, the federal police station in Halle was informed about a “fare dodger” in a suburban train on the line from Bitterfeld to Halle. The 30-year-old Malian citizen used the train without a valid train ticket. At Halle main station, the man was spotted in the train and taken to the office to establish his identity. Since he did not want to reveal his identity, he was searched for identity papers. He fought so hard that a policewoman who was assisting her colleagues was injured on her forearm. She was wounded by grazes, but is still fit to serve. he African also tried to bite an officer’s hand. The attacker had to be tied to his hands and feet because of his aggressive behaviour. Nevertheless, he did not calm down. He threatened the officers with: “I know your faces, I will kill you, you will die”. He receives charges for the “fare evasion”, threat, bodily harm and resistance against police officers.

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