Homosexual in a Lebanese restaurant in Berlin insulted and injured by staff employed there

Two days ago, this last Saturday the 15th June 2019, I was insulted, attacked, violated and beaten violently by the staff member of Maroush Restaurant (Berlin, Adalbertstrasse 93). Summary: I asked the restaurant chef (in Arabic) not to put pickles in my sandwich, he makes me a sandwich with nothing but pickles, to upset me obviously. He told me to once it’s off the grill to check and if it had pickles he would make a new one. I check, and tell him indeed it has pickles and asked if he would make another. He threw aggressively the sandwich in the air, and told me to get out of the restaurant. I asked him to speak nicely, and said had I made my order in German or English he wouldn’t have attacked me like this. He then said to me that he finds me effeminate and slutty, and that he’s been watching me for days, and that he saw me with another man here a few days ago and didn’t want to serve me because he finds me effeminate. Indeed I was there several days ago and was badly treated (he slammed the food as he was giving it to me), and I would have not returned ever there, if it weren’t for my friend who was with me late on Saturday night and we both thought it should be ok. After I told him I would call the police, his insults escalated to include my parents (Fuck your mother, I will fuck your mother and your sister, I will fuck everyone in your family…). I leave the restaurant and he runs after me, grabs my neck and arm, slams me against a wall, punches my chest, twists my neck, steps on my foot so I can’t resist, scratches my body and grabs my chest and squeezes it, one hand slides through my clothes and claws at my skin, slaps me once, all while insulting and threatening me and my family. He tells me he would cut my leg if I ever stepped into that street. This goes for several minutes, while my friend tries to pull me from him, and two random men on the street (a young waiter at the restaurant next door, and a random older man who later introduced himself to be Moroccan). The staff at the restaurant next door (Hasir Burger) watched the attack and did nothing except for the young waiter. The young waiter told me to give him the phone and he would call the police in German and give a report for them to come, on my behalf, which he did. After I called the police, waiting 15 minutes for them to come, on the street, the attacker steps out and comes towards me to attack me for a second time and tells me I am not allowed to sit at any restaurant on Adalbertsrasse ever, and that he will make sure I never walk on this street unharmed. The police arrives, takes my statement, his statement, and the statement of my friend who was with me. The police didn’t offer to take me to a clinic or a hospital, and said they couldn’t drive me home because it would be an insurance liability. They said they will email me a case report. Maroush has sexually harassed female friends of mine before, and verbally attacked queer friends. It is a restaurant on one of Berlin’s most queer and bar-filled restaurants, but obviously they have a problem with that. I feel unsafe, I feel humiliated and in agonizing physical pain since the weekend. Nobody is safe to go there.

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