“Sharia Police” in Munich commissioned by the municipality ?

“Five strong and muscular men patrolled, allegedly on behalf of the municipality, on Friday between the Wittelsbacher Bridge and the Reichenbach Bridge and are said to have rebuked women on the Isar who sunbathed topless.” The newspaper “Abendzeitung München” reports this and also provides a photo of evidence that four men in red T-shirts with the inscription “Sicherheitsdienst” (security service) shows. The whole thing brings back memories of the Wuppertal Sharia Police.
“Passers-by and other sunbathers immediately intervened, took the floor and stood by the intimidated women between the Wittelsbacher and Reichenbach bridges,” the newspaper continues. All those present asked themselves? Was the ” moral police ” commissioned by the municipality? The witnesses of the scandalous incident asked for IDs from the security service. “They were allegedly commissioned by the municipality, I was told. But I can’t imagine that. The men did not appear credibly, rather obtrusively,” the eyewitness said.
After research by the newspaper, the security service on the Isar is commissioned by the building department. Meanwhile a representative of the ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) washes his hands of it and pretends to be outraged:”I also find the behaviour of the security service strange and suspect a misunderstanding”. The municipality has published a “municipal swimwear ordinance” with nudist zones on its website. Nude bathing is allowed here on the Isar. How much longer? One might ask.
It is possible that there is a large population group in Munich for whom the casual contact  of the sexes and permissiveness has long been a thorn in the side.


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