Anti-Semitic attack in Hamburg, Germany: Moroccan attacks Jews

Officials of the Police Department 14 yesterday provisionally arrested a 45-year-old Moroccan after he allegedly spat on, threatened and insulted two men of Jewish faith and police officers. According to the current state of the investigation, two men of Jewish faith have approached the police officer at the town hall portal and have indicated that they have been threatened by a man at the town hall. The man, a 45-year-old Moroccan, first tried to escape, but stopped at the request of the police officer. Suddenly the man ran to the two victims and spat on them. The officer intervened immediately. The 45-year-old behaved aggressively and uncooperatively and did not respond to the police officer’s intervention, so that the use of pepper spray was threatened against him. Because the man could not be calmed down, handcuffs were put on him. Despite the handcuffs, the man spat around again. Thereupon a spit protection hood was put on him. Throughout the entire operation, the man spoke alternately German and Arabic. The Moroccan was transferred to the Police Department 14 for further police measures.The State Security (LKA 7) took over the further investigation. The defendant was released after completion of the criminal police measures, as there were no grounds for arrest.

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